Friday, February 18, 2011

One step forward and two steps back.

The days have gotten incredibly short lately. I find myself with zero time to watch the TV shows I used to follow religiously. I cannot seem to have the energy to pick up the book that's been my bedside for more than a month now. In fact, I barely have an hour of "me time" a day. To put a little fun in my day, I have resorted to a few games of Bejeweled before getting up in the morning. Yes, life is that exciting. :P

I am finding myself always trying to catch up with things I have fallen behind on. Sometimes though, just when I've caught up on everything, life speeds on a few steps ahead and I will find myself left behind once again. Yes, I am struggling and all this "catching up" is taking it's toll on me. Oddly enough though, part of me wishes it could go faster. Six months into the future, to be exact.

There are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful things to look forward to this year. No matter how stressful the daily grind may be, it is a beautiful thing to wake up each day, absolutely in love with the idea of the future. I will get there eventually. One step at a time.