Sunday, May 31, 2009

31 days.

It's been exactly one month since I resigned from the fast-paced world of magazines, contributors, and deadlines. I've said my goodbyes to strangers-turned-officemates-turned-friends, and have resorted to occasional YM conversations with them, as well as promises to meet up for drinks that have yet to push through.

Do I miss the work? Sometimes. Do I miss the people? Of course.

It's been a month of working at home, and being introduced to a completely new world--the world of real estate. Is it something I'm seriously going to pursue? Maybe, maybe not. But at least for the moment, my reality is that I am working for my mother.

It is, quite frankly, a far cry from what I'm used to doing.

I barely leave the house now (But I do try to get in some sun when I can! I promise!), and I've only been on the highway maybe twice or thrice in the past month. Sometimes, I convince myself I'm getting dumber, like when I referred to the beach as the "BETCH", or the time I pretty much blanked out when I had to do long division.

But I've come to love how I can enjoy a delicious, home-cooked (and free) meal for lunch. Heck, I'm even home for dinner! I'm loving how there are family members around at all times of the day, and I've fallen in love with the fact that I can take a break from work so that I can take the time to play with my adorable niece or nephew who just happens to be visiting that day.

I may no longer be up to date with what's happening in the "real" world, but what's important is that I'm up to date with the people who do matter.

This setup may not be a permanent one, but for now, I'm perfectly happy with where I am. No, I'm (unfortunately) not pooping money, but I'm learning to be patient. It will come. Eventually.

So, that's what the past 31 days have been like. Let's see what happens next! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Archie Proposes.

I can't believe it.

Betty was extremely sweet and patient with Archie. She didn't care if he didn't spend any money on her, or if he went out with Ronnie using money he had saved on his cheapskate dates with Betty. She was perfectly happy just being with him. She was such a sweetheart! She spent all her life in love with this one guy... what's going to happen to her now?

On the other hand, Ronnie was... the exact opposite. Did she even really care about him? I don't think so. She never really gave him the time of day, did she? I was never a Veronica fan. Harrumph.

I guess the good guys don't always win.

Is there no justice in this world?! Darn it.

Friday, May 22, 2009


(warning. cheese ahead. read at your own risk.)

Once upon a time, I got a phone call from someone I kind of knew from school. We weren't really close friends--we had never talked to each other in person, and had only just recently started to chat on YM.

"You live on (insert name of street here), right? What color was your gate?"


"I'm outside."

That night, we sat on the grass in front of my house, and told each other stories like there was no tomorrow. The next few weeks after that were similar to the first time he came over.

We would tell each other story after story, joke after joke, secret after secret. Some nights, we spoke of frustrations and fears, while on other nights, we spoke of dreams and hopes. One night, we stared at a neighbor's house and tried to make shapes out of the plants growing by the wall.

Each night, I wished that the day wouldn't have to come to an end. Thankfully, there was always a tomorrow.

Three years later, here we are...still not running out of stories to tell.

Honestly speaking, I don't think we're ever going to run out of stories to tell. Since I'm a really forgetful person, he can just repeat his stories every now and then. Besides, he's nice enough to listen to my stories--even if I've already told them to him before. That is a fact. :P

So, I'm a billion and seven percent sure--there will be enough stories for tomorrow. And the tomorrows after tomorrow's tomorrows. Yay! :)