Thursday, May 28, 2009

Archie Proposes.

I can't believe it.

Betty was extremely sweet and patient with Archie. She didn't care if he didn't spend any money on her, or if he went out with Ronnie using money he had saved on his cheapskate dates with Betty. She was perfectly happy just being with him. She was such a sweetheart! She spent all her life in love with this one guy... what's going to happen to her now?

On the other hand, Ronnie was... the exact opposite. Did she even really care about him? I don't think so. She never really gave him the time of day, did she? I was never a Veronica fan. Harrumph.

I guess the good guys don't always win.

Is there no justice in this world?! Darn it.


Ana said...

how disappointing. :( and wait. aren't they in high school?!?! a lil too young, don't you think?

Zeri said...

About time u 'wenk' haha. It's been a while since saw you blog again. :) I agree Archie is blind. To your friend Ana, I believe that Archie & the gang as I believe are now in college in some of their recent comic books - haven't really seen one since haven't been buying them.