Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Hump. My Hump, My Hump, My Hump.

Wednesday is usually coined as hump day because it's smack in the middle of the work week. Basically, the logic behind hump day is that once you get past it, the rest of the week goes downhill from there. You make it through Wednesday, and you've gone over the hump.

Ah, what a hump there was in store for me today.

No matter how great you want to be at what you do, no matter how much you try to avoid making mistakes--it's inevitable. No one's perfect. You can't possibly do everything right all the time, right?

Fine, I can't be perfect. But shouldn't I be able to take my mistakes lightly?

Shouldn't I, at the very, very least, be able to hold back the tears when I make mistakes? Do I really have to look like a complete cry baby every single time I face one of those humps, no matter how completely small and insignificant they may be? Do I really need to be all red-faced and embarrassed every single time I do something wrong? Do I really need to show the world how irritatingly weak I really am?

I knew the hump would come up on today's road--I really did. Last night, I had a premonition of today's little bump. I tried to prepare. I brought my A-game. I watched the road carefully. I brought my maps. I checked the weather forecast. I wore my seatbelt. Heck, I even hung a rosary on the rearview mirror.

In fact, I got so close to making it to the finish line alive. I was so proud of myself for a job well done. But no. I didn't quite make it.

It's too late. My fear of hitting humps has gotten out of hand. My preparation will never be enough. :(

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i said...

A wise man would tell you to accept humps and bumps as part of the ride. I say bring a bulldozer, :)

Cheers, wenk*