Friday, November 6, 2009

Forty Winks.

People who take sleep seriously bow down to the powers of Tempur mattresses and pillows. My brother-in-law takes his Tempur pillow with him when traveling for work. I don't know what it feels like, or what effect it really has (except for the stuff I've read on their website), but I've always wanted one--but they're so friggin' expensive. But of course, you can't put a price on a good night's sleep, right? I used to remind myself that one day, it will be mine. I will lay my head on a Tempur.

The problem is--I'm torn.

I'm torn between Tempur and... Airmax.

**As mentioned a few posts ago, I'm a Home TV Shopping addict. I've never exactly purchased anything from the Home Shopping Network, but this is really something else! This ad is SO convincing!

If you've seen the Airmax ad, I was caught hook, line and sinker by the demo where they dropped an egg in all these beakers representing the material that makes up different kinds of pillows. It was only the Airmax beaker that supported the egg right away AND prevented it from cracking! WOWZA!!!

Just by watching the ad for a few minutes, I instantly realized how uncomfortable my pillows were. My pillows are either too flat or too full, and no combination could ever suffice! I was also shocked to learn that my spine alignment when I sleep is HORRIBLE! What am I doing to myself!? How can my neck still be attached to my body!? (Fine, fine, I'm exaggerating!)

Since seeing that ad weeks ago, I am haunted by the image of my spine becoming misaligned while I sleep. I suddenly feel that my neck is strained, and find myself adding another pillow, then taking out another pillow, then punching my pillow, then fluffing up my pillow. The cycle is endless.

Is it normal for someone to have such weird thoughts before they sleep!? Who thinks about spine alignment?! Neck alignment!? What in the world is happening to me!? IS THIS NORMAL!?!

My neck and spine are not at peace. They will never be at peace unless I make a decision.

To Tempur or to Airmax? To Airmax or to Tempur?


Chesca said...

haha! now you're making ME paranoid about spine alignment.

there was one morning that i woke up and i had a crazy stiff neck. i could not look to the right! maybe i should also invest in a better pillow. hmmm...let me know what you get!

rice_monster said...

mama has one. i don't know which brand it is though. it hurts kaya! it's like hardened putty. nagging curiosity is worse than a stiff neck though so go get yourself whichever one and blog a follow up ha!

p.s. let jv read this, maybe he'll get you one for the holidays :D

-wenk. said...

inday nina--he wants one rin eh! we'll probably get one of each! haha! :P

Vera said...

I blame sore neck, shoulders and even my headaches on my pillows! So have you decided? which one are you getting? let me know how it goes because I think I should invest on these kinds of pillows too!

(sorry, OA naman ako makagamit ng exclamation point)

- wenk. said...

ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

abangan ang sagot.