Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memory Lane / Wenk-ism #1.

I was just reading through an old blog of mine, and I realized that yeeeeeeaaaaars later, I am exactly the same person. I'm in the same boat as I was in five or six years ago.

It's so weird.

Yes, I still watch a truckload of Reality TV (and I'm still as greatly affected by the final outcome of shows as I was back then), and I still love revel bars. But it's more than that. Aside from liking the same things, it freaks me out that I wrote / said things that I would still write / say to this day... in pretty much the same way. (Well, isn't that obvious!? I'm still the same person, right?!)

My rants and my frustrations back then were pretty much the same things I rant about at present. I wrote constantly about my insecurities, and not being good enough for even myself. I wrote about how much I wished I could write about everything, but could not seem to write about anything that mattered.

However, after reading through a bunch of old blog posts, I found myself feeling envious of how freely I could express what I was feeling back then. I didn't care about the amount of personal information I was releasing on the World Wide Web, and I obviously didn't care if I sounded like a bubbly, sugar high kid in one blog post, and a psychotic, emotionally unstable weirdo in the next. Oh. And I obviously never heard of proofreading back then. *blush*

The thing is, I've been blogging for YEARS. No, I couldn't quite convince myself to blog daily--not even weekly (and I still can't). But, I've blogged enough to get quite a lot of thoughts and raw emotions written down.

And because this is my blog, and you can't do anything about it, I'd like to revive some of the things I said. Not because they were particularly clever or funny (although some of the things I said really were quite clever / funny...) but because they're still pretty much what I would say now.

October 29, 2004

i love being able to rant and express whatever thoughts rattle and bounce around in my mind. i love hearing the clickety-clack of the keyboard as my fingers on the keyboard try to match the speed of the words in my head.



Claudette said...

You make really fast clickety-clack sounds when you're typing. Hahaha!

Oh and by the way, I can't imagine you not proofreading stuff. ;p

Anonymous said...

thats what happens when we grow up..=P -bins