Thursday, March 18, 2010

Battle Studies.

When John Mayer's Room for Squares came out in 2001, I was an instant fan.

Ever since I fell in love with his first album, I've hoped and prayed that he would come to the Philippines. I knew it was a long shot. I didn't care. I knew that eventually, he would run out of big countries to tour. He'd have to come here... right?

The ticket prices are not exactly friendly on the pocket, but... it's John Mayer. I don't need to watch from the VIP section (although that would be really nice!)... I just need to watch.

Tomorrow, I will count my coins. I will clean out my closet and see what I can sell. I will call Channel V and ask how much the early bird rate is. I will make JV promise that he will watch with me.

I will watch John Mayer. I will watch John Mayer. I will watch John Mayer.

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