Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Little Things.

My mom turned 61 years old today (and no, she doesn't look it at ALL), and we had a really yummy family dinner at Aquaknox in Makati. I don't know if it's the extremely unhealthy amount of seafood + Vietnamese coffee I consumed tonight, but I'm feeling hyper... and I really, really just wanted to blog about some random things.

* Yesterday, an almost two-year old Anda was eating a banana while running around the house. She suddenly stopped running and said, "Uh-oh. No more banana."

* I had lunch with PJ (my brother) and Kenelm at the ATC food court today. Afterwards, PJ and I went around the mall because we had to do some errands. It was nice being with him for the afternoon. I'm savoring it--because I know that he'll be leaving for Canada really soon with his wifey. Okay, okay, I will not get sad yet, I will not get sad yet...

* The funniest thing happened today. The waiters at Aquaknox brought out a cake from the kitchen and started singing "Happy Birthday" to my mom... only to realize that my mom had left the table because she went to the restroom. The family was laughing hysterically while motioning to the waiters to go back to the kitchen and do it again when she came back. Note to Aquaknox waiters: Look before you sing.

* I'm amazed at how long the family dinner table has gotten. We used to be a family of seven. Now, we eat out and we reserve a table for 12 (JV included, of course!)--a table of 14 if you count the two babies. The usual scenario now is that one side of the table laughs loudly, the other side gets curious, and you have to repeat the joke.

I love it.

*end of random post*


Nuala said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Icasas ;)

Chesca said...

Belated Happy Bday to ur mom! :P I loved the bit about the waiters just singing without realizing ur mom was MIA. Hilarious!

Vera said...

Happy birthday Mommy Icasas! (feeling no?)

-wenk. said...

thank you daw sa inyong lahat--although i didn't actually tell her you greeted her. i'm sure she'd like to thank you if she knew!! :)

spaceshep said...

maybe we should start eating in only restos that have round tables (ummm... i think we might end up with only chinese restos haha)