Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sad, Schmad.

Today was a day of sad news.

The first piece of news that greeted me when I woke up was that my brother's immigrant visa arrived in the mail. Come the second week of August, my bro and his wife will be moving to Canada--indefinitely. But I shall save the sadness for another day. I'm happy for them, although my happiness for them is nowhere near the amount of heartbreak I'm feeling. For now, I'll make the most of their presence while I still see them 24/7. Sob.

The other piece of news had to do with my career. I was planning on... doing something. That something would've made the future a tad bit brighter for me (and JV), and help me get on the right foot with regards to... something. But this certain thing didn't work out, and all I get out of it now is a P3,000 refund and absolutely no idea what to do next.

To top it all off, Vic is still #1 on Typing Manic. I was so happy on the top spot, but then he had to beat my score by a lousy 20,000 points. I've been trying to beat him the whole day, but all I've won so far is a possible case of Carpal Tunnel.

But it's okay. I'm okay. It will be okay. As my mom reminded me a trillion and one times today, things happen for a reason. Asides from my depleting bank account, things are going great. I'm doing great. I know that great things are in store for me. I just have to claim it :)


Chesca said...

*hugs* i agree with ur mom, i think things do happen for a reason....i may not know what exactly ur going through but if u stay strong, things are bound to get better!

btw, what is Typing Manic?!

jillsabs said...

sigh. you should try restaurant city. that's even waaaay more addicting! not as competitive as typing maniac though. but it's fun to manage and decorate a restaurant ala sims style:p

Rica said...

LOL. Chris loooves that game. I think I'll try it one day :P

wenkgirl said...

@chesca--i miss you. and thanks for commenting! haha! :P play typing maniac on FB to find out :D

@jill sabs--hahahaha! you obviously aren't my friend on FB. I had a few months of addiction to RC. I had to yank myself away from the computer :P

@rica--you should plaaaaaaaaaaaaay!