Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Home Series #1

Being at home the past few weeks made me realize that even at home, you should expect the unexpected.

I thought the afternoon was going to be a relatively boring one. As usual, I planned on spending it in front of the computer, with nothing but iTunes to keep me company.

Suddenly, my sister-in-law came in the room and asked me if I wanted to have some puto to snack on. Not being able to say no to food, I immediately accepted the offer and followed her into the kitchen.

There, I saw my mom busily moving around.

"We're going to have a tea party!" she announced excitedly.

I looked over to the kitchen table, and saw that true enough, she had three table settings all ready for a tea party. When my brother announced from the garden that he would join us, she eagerly set another one of her pretty place mats on the table, and reached for another teacup for my brother.

The sudden inspiration for this strange occasion was her newly purchased teapot from Daiso, the 88 peso store. Yes. Her new teapot from the 88 peso store started this all.

Before we sat down for afternoon tea (three out of four of us still in our pajamas), my mom asked me to take a picture of her hard work. Then she wondered if she should prettify it further with a vase or flowers or something. Of course, our eagerness to begin the "party" won in the end, so we sat down and began to drink our tea. With our pinkies up, of course.

So there you have it. An afternoon tea party with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law. There were no flowers on the table, but there were pretty place mats, a pot of Japanese cherry tea, puto, kiwi, fruit & nut bread, and a LOT of enthusiasm.

I wonder what's in store for tomorrow. A mad hat party, perhaps?


spaceshep said...

great! ill be at 425 soon. save some (enthusiasm?) for me.

ana said...

hahahaha. don't you just love daiso? we stock up on 88 peso toilet paper and paper towels.

awww, tea party.. love the concept. its amazing what one lazy day at home can cook up. ;)