Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hi! My name is Kris and I'm a Home Shopping Network addict.

No, I've never actually purchased anything from there, but boy, I've drooled over too many products.

There's something strangely addicting about the fake acting and such excessive, false enthusiasm over such simple products. Annoying, but addicting.

On most nights, I fall asleep to the soothing (and I repeat, annoying) voices on the telly, trying to sell me things I didn't even know I needed. Hairbrushes, chopping and juicing machines, cleaning solutions, vibrating slimming mechanisms and other extremely random items.

Oh, but last night--I found IT. The solution to all my problems. Well, at least the problems I'm bound to have when I've started a family and have my own house.

This is the SPIN & GO (or at least, it looks like it. I can't seem to find a photo of the real thing online!).

This is the answer to all your cleaning needs. You can use it for high ceilings, under furniture (you can move the handle up to 90 degrees!), on cars even! According to one woman's testimonial, her cleaning time shortened from more than an hour to only twenty minutes! Wowza! Now THAT's a product!

I. was. floored. The science behind it is genius--and they really paid attention to the cleaning needs of today's housewife.

And for only P2,995! It was originally P500 more, but they slashed the price, and even threw in an extra mop head. Now THAT's a steal.

And I admit, I texted JV (who I think was also watching from his house) that I wanted to buy one eventually. He said we'd see. Yay! :P

The only negative thing I have to say about their ad was that they showed clips of people sniffing their old, wet mop heads. Although I know they did this to prove a point that the SPIN & GO dried quickly and had no smell and dirt on it, therefore not being a breeding ground for bacteria like the other wet mops left in a corner... but did they really have to smell their mop heads? Who does that?!

What really bothered me, what I couldn't understand, is that right after the SPIN & GO, there was an infomercial for this:

This is the STARFIBER. It doesn't have nearly as much to brag about as the SPIN & GO. It's nothing new, right? The SPIN & GO on the other hand... ahhhh.

Up to now, I can't understand why they would put such competing products side by side. They already said the first one was revolutionary--the first of its kind--so what about this one?

Talk about conflicting.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep before I could find out more and judge for myself which seemed to be the better buy.

Although really, I think the SPIN & GO is the way to go.


Claudetteski ;p said...

kris!!! hahaha! as always, sumasakit ang panga ko sa kakatawa or kakangiti (whichever is more applicable) during and after reading your blog. =p

Let us know when you've bought your spin and go! We'd love to find out if it lives up to its name. Bwahahahaha!

at syempre, I need to insert this: I miss you diving Tethay! muaah =D

Claudetteski ;p said...

ooops! that should be DIVINE tethay! hehe..

See you around ;p

wenkgirl said...

DIVING tetay?! hahahahaha!