Friday, April 6, 2012

Second for 2012! Gah!

This is only my second post on TMIWU for the year. 

That. is. pathetic.

The only thing that saves me from utter humiliation and embarrassment at my sheer lack of posts is the fact that I've managed to come up with SOME posts for Ze Wifey Chronicles

It's been seven months since the hubby and I tied the knot, and we've never been happier. Am I completely domesticated? Haha! Of course not! Am I able to cook dinner every single day of the week? Definitely not! Is our house as clean as a whistle? Errr... no. It's cleaner than a garbage dump, though!

What is my point? Nothing.

This is me, making a vow to myself: I will post more these coming weeks. I PROMISE!

1 comment:

Vera said...

I am so NOT updated. You're married! Congratulations! Naunahan mo pa ko. hahaha :) I shall stalk your wifey chronicles then.