Monday, July 2, 2012

Sweet Saturdays

For those of you who aren't aware, a LOT of things have changed over the past year--including my blogging habits, my 'roommate', and my last name. Another thing changed, as well: my opinion of an ideal Saturday.

Last Friday (fine, Saturday), I was wide awake at 2 am. Of course, being awake at that time is pretty normal for me. This time, I wasn't working or jotting down my to-do list like I would normally be doing. I wasn't even trying to get some reading in!

I lay awake instead, too excited at the mere thought of the 'free' Saturday I had the next day. A rare Saturday where the hubby and I had absolutely zero social/family obligations. A rare Saturday where we could sleep in, relax, and:

- Do the laundry (particularly the whites)
- Put away the dishes that had been piling up in our dish rack
- Dust the entire house
- Vacuum the rug
- Mop the floor (both dry and wet, mind you!)
- Clean the bathrooms
- Clean my closet
- Change the sheets (my hatest chore of all time (after killing cockroaches) and so I always put it on my to-do list but ask the hubby to do it for me instead)

It's currently 2:15 am of Sunday (fine, Monday), and I'm extremely happy to report that every single thing got crossed off yesterday's to-do list! A rare feat!

What I should mention, however, is that I had a tummy ache yesterday and was pretty useless for a huge chunk of the day. Yes, my 'roommate' did most of the things on the list. The victory of one spouse is the victory of both, right?

Thanks to my amazingly handy dandy hubby, we even had time to attend anticipated mass, have dinner out, and go to the mall (and buy a new shelf) before the mall closed!

Hooray for husbands! Hooray for Saturdays! Hooray for productivity! Hooray!

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jerellt said...

Funny because I was supposed to write a post similar to this. Hubby has also been doing most of the weekend chores because if I'm not having a vertigo attack, my tummy aches so bad as a side effect of my PCOS meds. JV and Boyet should come up with a focus group for husbands. :p