Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thinking Positively: An Attempt.

Last night, after telling a friend of mine about everything that's been getting me frustrated/depressed/stressed the past few days, all he could say was "when it rains, it pours."

Indeed, it's pouring. I feel like new buckets of rain are overhead, and the first batch of buckets are simply on their way back to refill. Words like "I don't like it, sorry." are still ringing in my ear, and dragging me down every time I think about it.

But I'm determined to think positively. At this point, I need to be positive. Things have to go well... at least until Tuesday night.

Once upon a time, the Backstreet Boys told us that there's "sunshine after the rain". So, if last week is any indication of how "rainy" it can get... well, then, this week is going to be a super duper sunny one. In fact, I think I'll get my sunblock ready.

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